Comparison between Free Emailing Software vs Paid

When pitching futur clients, some of them are already using Perl, PHP emailing software. Then i start to ask if then known the % of people really receiving, open, clic their Newsletter...
I will be more confident with 'official data'. I found a lot of studies inthat email marketing is topnotch to fidelize customers...
Does someone know a web page with a comparison between free email soft vs professional soft ?

I am looking info about
Average deliverability, bounce rate, open rate, spam complaint, ...

By the way, what is the average deliverability of all CM clients ? between 90%-95%? more or less ?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


We don't publish a specific deliverability number because it varies so much depending on the list you are sending to, but it would be above 95% typically.

For open rates, see

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