Bounced Domains without Domain Key/Sender Id - Worth resending?

I've had a client just send out first campaign to about 250 subscribers and after 3 hours they have about 30 hard bounces from 21 bounce domains, primarily,, and gmail/googlemail. I set up the Domain Key/Sender Id DNS records for the sending domain but they hadn't propogated and verified before the client sent the campaign out.

Question is, is it worth resending the campaign once the Domain Key/Sender Id records have been verified - will they get through once this has happened - if I add them back to a new subscriber list?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hard bounces normally would be related to old or invalid addresses, which domain keys won't help - they will have been unsubscribed from your list once they hard bounced, as that is considered a permanent bounce.

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