List Filtering

I am trying to send out emails today. I have two different emails, for 2 different lists.

1. Exclusive email
2. Customer email

My problem is that I have some people on both lists, and I want to make sure the people who get email #1, don't get email #2. How do I do that?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi amandalucia,

To do that you'd have to send a the same email to both lists at the same time (you can select to send to multiple lists), and the system will automatically de-duplicate the list and only send to each recipient once.

I'm not sure how different your two emails are, you may be able to use the same email and custom fields to personalize the email for each list to take advantage of that de-duplication. If you get in contact with support we could take a look at the two emails and let you know how to go about it, if it's possible.

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