Test email [firstname,fallback=] is not working.

How do I test to make sure variable firstname is working in my template.  I've simply added

<b>Hi [firstname,fallback=]</b>, Welcome to ur newsletter..

Every time I do a test it just sayd Hi. Even in the test it only allows you to type email address.

Do I need to create a test database and then use Hi [firstname,fallback=mytestdatabase].


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

You need to be sending your test campaign to an actual subscriber list, with people in it who have first names listed - otherwise there isn't any actual name to output.

If you setup your subscriber list and send yourself a test, it should all work fine. Fire through an email to support if you still have trouble.

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netmastan, 7 years ago

Sorry, i got it working now.

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