API to allow a client to purchase their own bulk credits + set price?

I found the API to set up an an account with the ability to manage things, and to set the bililing type to "ClientPaysWithMarkup" but what I don't see is a way to allow them to purchase/use bulk credits, and to set their cost. Am I missing something?  If it doesn't exist, can you consider this a feature request for the API?

Ken Ken, 7 years ago


I'm afraid there's no way to get clients to buy their own credits or set their credit price via the API at the moment. I've created a feature request, and we'll let you know when it has been developed.

sgpratley, 6 years ago

Is the line by line detail of this still missing from the API?

I noticed all the examples have CanPurchaseCredits": false,  when creating a client, and that calling the client using api.createsend.com/api/v3/clients/ doesn't have the line by line detail.

While I'm at it, is this available for monthly billing yet? I can only set a % markup which doesn't match our published prices, which were set using the line-by-line approach.

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