Client authenticated sending domains

The area to set-up authenticated sending domains is only available in the master admin account. Does this mean I should let my clients know that they can verify their domains for sending emails and I should help them get the details to their hosting provider?

I assume this isn't available in the customer's login area because it could be abused, so I'm just seeing if this is something I should be putting on the list of things to do when signing up a new client.


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Yes, you would need to offer to do it for your clients. It can be a pretty tricky thing to setup, so we did not  want to expose it to clients and cause the designers a lot of headaches.

This way you can offer it if it would be helpful, and it is not in the way if you decide not to.

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trexart, 7 years ago

Ok, great, thanks.

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