Capturing Subscribers with Existing Form

Regarding this post:

Does anyone have an example of either the API or the redirect method working on an ASP server? Even with the redirect method, you still need to use some sort of ASP variable to hold all the data to use in the redirect string, correct?

Is anyone an expert on such matters? Assuming I get this particular client project, I'd be happy to pay someone for their expertise.



Jason Jason, 9 years ago

Hi Ketan,

There's an example of using the API with a Classic ASP page we've put together here This uses a basic form, and then posts a SOAP envelope to our service.

If you'd rather use the redirect method with your existing form and actions, follow the blog post you referred to above, and access the appropriate form values to replace the placeholders in our example. Here's a small ASP code sample showing how you could go about this. (It uses our example redirect url, so you'll need to change this, and your form field names for the subscribers name and email may not be "name" and "email")

Dim name, email

name = Request.Form("name")
email = Request.Form("email")

Response.Redirect("" & email & "&name=" & name)

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