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Hi There,

Is it possible to customise the thank you message after a user has subscribed to a mailing list?

I am creating a multi-lingual site, and for the sake of continuity and the users experience, I would like the thank you message to either be in all 3 languages the website uses, or have 3 different newsletter sign up forms, with three different thank you messages, one in each languages (German, English and French).

Is this possible?

(another thing is the tab index is a bit out on this "post a new topic" form - sorry to poke)

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi nicksoper,

Yep, you sure can. If you head over to manage your subscriber list, on the right you'll see a link to "Customize subscribe process"

That's where you can define your own Subscribe Confirmation Page, as well as the text for the Subscription Confirmation email.

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nicksoper nicksoper, 7 years ago

Thanks a bunch!

Sorry if that was on the FAQ's.....

jayhowes, 7 years ago

hi there,

I am obviously doing something wrong. I have customized my thank you page etc, added the correct links etc - yet the generic ones still come up when i test the subscribe form.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi jayhowes, could you kindly check again? If this is still happening (ie. not refreshing), please send an email with details to support [at] . One of our team will take a look to see why your customized pages are not displaying.

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