Looking for Designer-Coder for Web 2.0 Nightlife Newsletter

Who we’re looking for:
We're seeking a expert designer-coder who knows everything about CSS Design and Web 2.0’s standards, abilities, limitations and hacks for both web and email clients templates for urban nightlife dj & dance events.

The problem to solve:
Because of the web’s inherent lack of unified standards and compatibility issues among different browsers & email clients, we’re having a difficult time designing a hip & forward looking Web 2.0 one-page-site which also needs to be converted into both an email newsletter, printer-friendly template and finally a simple text layout. So we’ve concluded 4 versions of the same template will be needed.

What we already have:
We’ve done the layout design already, which maybe the problem as it could be bad design & layout (so I’m also open to a new design layout and structure), but otherwise here’s what we’ll need:

The work:
Here are the four versions of our Newsletter that need both design and coding work:

1) HTML Email: must be coded with in-line CSS styles. Images and markup must be optimized for today’s popular email client standards (Outlook (2003 & 2007), Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail)

2) Web Template: Must use an external CSS stylesheet and be optimized and compliant across PC and Mac operating system and all main browsers. (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari)

3) Print Template: A print version of the newsletter will also be needed. This template should mirror the newsletter as close as possible and use proper text styling using a CSS stylesheet.

4) Simple Text template

If your interested in this gig please forward your portfolio work to sam@nitevibe.com


Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago


Perhaps it would help to clarify a bit what you mean by a web 2.0 style? It's not a terribly well defined term right now. Also, we have in another post a list of designers who are interested in helping people with template design.

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