crashes IE when previewing past campaigns

Very strange problem: I have a client who when accessing their past sent campaigns, and clicking on "View Campaign" under the Reports tab, they claim that a pop-up window appears, with the header info (To, From, Subject) as it should but the contents of the campaign don't show and then when they click on it, it crashes IE!

I can't reproduce this problem because I'm on a Mac - they are on Windows using IE. At first I thought it was just one computer of theirs with the problem, but apparently it's several computers with the same exact crash. Also, it's not one campaign but all of them behaving the same way.

Any thoughts as to where the problem lies??? This is super urgent!!! Thanks!

Joomailer Joomailer, 7 years ago

I can confirm that this popup is crashing the browser when viewed in IE6. It seems to be caused by the iframe which wrapps the HTML campaign preview.

Besides that this bug can only be fixed by the CM crew you should strongly encourage your client to use a browser instead of IE6 ;) This is just another proof that IE6 can't be called a browser, at least it doesnt work to view websites with it.


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DavidMartin, 7 years ago


Sorry that this bug slipped through the cracks.  It should be fixed in our next release.  In the meantime, as Joomailer suggested, using an alternate browser should also fix the issue as well.



richardjkeys, 7 years ago

Could you indicate when this 'next release' will be coming?

We have several clients who have noticed this issue, who cannot upgrade their browser because of IT commitments.

Best regards,


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