Is there any practical reason why spammers or other nefarious individuals would opt-in to a cruise newsletter en masse?  I manage such a subscriber list, and in the past week I saw my opted-in subscribers jump 7K.  Very atypical, as growth hovers around 80-100.  While I would love to have 7K add'l subscribers, something seems amiss and I lack the technical expertise to answer my own questions.  I have posed this to my own IT dept., and our email provider, but I don't feel like waiting for their answer so I figured I'd come here.  Anyone have any ideas?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Kodiakfan, that big jump in subscribers does seem unusual. There are certainly bots that go around completing forms automatically, which is usually misguided comment spam trying to farm of URL's for search engine optimization. Unfortunately our innocent subscribe forms get hit in the process.

Was this a Campaign Monitor subscribe form? If so, get in touch with support and we can check out our server logs to make sure they all came from different people, as opposed to one automated bot. You might also want to consider changing your list to double opt-in to prevent these kind of automated submissions being added to your list.

kodiakfan, 9 years ago

Thanks, Dave.  No, this was via another email provider, but I will take your advice and go to them with your suggestion.

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