MailBuild Template issue with Gmail

Boy, I hate gmail at the moment.  In mailbuild, the Old School - Complex template does not come close to rendering correctly.

I'm not sure how it can.  According to the CSS Compatibility Chart, gmail does NOT allow for <style> elements in the head or the body, nor link elements.

Or even (the primary issue) does not support the css property background-image or background-repeat. 

The Old School - Complex template depends heavily on those two properties and it just does NOT work in gmail. 

Anybody have any suggestions other than using a different template?  I do like this template a lot, but gmail won't render even the little bit of css needed to look good (heck, even look readable) in gmail.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

The trick with gmail is that you need to do all your CSS inline - a tool like this one can help you generate inline styles from your stylesheet.

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