Adding hyperlink option to images in a template

Is there a way to wrap an image inside of a repeating element in a <a href=""> tag so that I can have images in the email link to different things?

Not trying to have the image link to the larger version of itself, know how to do that. I want to add external links to images from within the template, as the campaign is being created.

Thanks for any input!

AZGaber, 7 years ago

Figured it out on my own!

I thought  link='true' inside the <$imagesrc> tag just made the image link to itself, but it does in fact let you specify a url. Should have made sure before I posted...


worksdigital, 7 years ago

Don't forget to set the image place holder border to 0 (zero) also to avoid the blue rectangle

dozzq dozzq, 7 years ago

Great post AZ! and thanks for updating with the solution!

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