Background repeat issue in email clients

I have a design built using Earthy Swirl right sidebar, but with numerous graphical modifications. However, I retained the original background image as it's perfect for the client.

however, in sending a test to myself (i'm on a mac using entourage) the background does NOT repeat. Instead, i see it once at the top, and then the background color takes over for the rest of the scroll downward.

worse, in Gmail - no background at all, but with the color.

in Yahoo - no background, and no color - just white.

anyone experienced this? is this a known problem? i did not change / adjust the background code at all in the CSS section of the header.

i appreciate any insight you may have on this. thanks!

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

There's not full support for background images in all email clients, however you could try adding 'background-repeat:repeat' to your CSS and this should fix a couple of your issues.

Please refer to for more information. - Everything Email.
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