Newbie question - 2 lists

Hello all,

I am very new to CM and also just learning web programming. I am developing a newsletter template for our company. Using the repeater tag I was able to allow the newsletter editor to as many articles as she likes.

Now on the left side bar, we normally publish a list of upcoming events. These events vary in number every month. The title of each event is hyperlinked to the event details.

My question is how can I provide the newsletter editor a flexible way of adding as many events as she likes?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards,

Blake, 7 years ago

Hi Hitesh,

For this sort of thing you’d also use a repeater, however you’d probably just use a simple repeater with only a <$title$> tag. For example:

            <$title link='true' default='Enter Event Name Here'$>

You’ll notice the link='true' attribute – this allows you to link the title to the details for each event. Hope that helps.

eknowtion, 7 years ago

Thanks Blake. That worked :-)

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