Unsubscribe for Gmail style changing

Hi guys, my first post here..

I'm trying to follow the advice on unsubscribe inline CSS styles here:


..based on this article I'm using the following code at the bottom of my HTML email:

<a href="http://websitexyz.cmail1.com/t/r/u/dyjlii/l/" style="font-size:11px; color:#4fb5e9;">Unsubscribe</a>

I uploaded my index file to CM, let it auto add it's own unsubscribe info, and then used the unsubscribe URL that CM provided (pasted it into the href of above piece of code).

Thing is, CM won't recognise this code as the unsubsribe, so it adds another unsubscribe.

So far I can only get CM to recognise <unsubscribe> and </unsubscribe>. Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong with this?

qwertysteve, 7 years ago

Nevermind I understand now... CM CHANGES the code to inline CSS upon upload.. my you guys try to make things so easy for us newbies!

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