Re-branded Campaign Monitor Video?

I remember it was mentioned somewhere (maybe the blog?) that you were considering putting together an introductory video going over Campaign monitors features.  It would be something we could upload to our websites and use to sell email marketing to our clients and re-brand it. Any news on this? I would love this!


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Anna,

We're actually working on this one now, just at the story-boarding phase actually. If you have ANY suggestions at all about what you'd like to see in the content, this is the place to do it. Thoughts anyone?

tbianco tbianco, 9 years ago

Now would this be for CM or MB? For CM I would want to see the report features for the videos because my clients wouldn't be sending out emails they would only see the reports. Things such as who opened the email and how many times they opened it along with what links they clicked on would be great. When I sell email the concept of email marketing to my clients they light up when I talk about measuring the campaign results.

For MailBuild it would be the ease of creating an email, how to successfully sending the email, and then tracking the results.

Tony Bianco
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