Custom A link depending on subscriber details

Is it possible to code the email so a particular link goes to a particular page (or mailto) according to the specific users profile.

i.e. I want a response to go to a specific clients account manager and not a generic email address.

laurenraw laurenraw, 7 years ago

Create a custom field for each recipient containing the full URL of the page you want them to go to.

<a href="[customfield]">Click Here</a>

if its an email:
<a href="mailto:[customfield]">Email</a>

Note, that I didn't actually test this yet... but it makes sense to me :)

Lauren |
Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hey Lauren,

You're exactly right! That will work just fine. Or you can just include a personalization tag for whatever the unique portion is <a href="[customfield]">. We talk about that some on the blog here.

D. Potter
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