Inline style TOC links

Hi. Not sure if I'm missing something obvious here.

I've got a TOC and I want to inline style the <a> tag so it renders accurately across all email clients. 

So if this was my code, where would I add the style?


Adding it in inline in <li> tag doesn't seem to work. It needs to be directly applied to the <a> tag.

Any help would be great!


Dave Dave, 7 years ago

Hey tubbs, adding the link CSS inline isn't something we support right now. you can definitely do it through the CSS in the head of your document by giving the ul a class and appending styles to any links within it.

While this will work for most email clients, we realize it will still not be applied in those email clients like Gmail that strip out everything but inline CSS. We're aware of this issue, and it's something we hope to remedy soon.

tubbs, 7 years ago

Thanks for getting back me.

Good to hear it's something you're working on.

mc123, 7 years ago

Hi Dave,
I noticed on the CampaignMonitor newsletter it has white text for the TOC (table of contents), then blue links for the body content.

Do you create your newsletters manually, or are you using the TOC functionality from CM - if the later how did you set the colour? As it renders fine in gmail.


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