Newsletter Archive - open in popups?

Not sure if this is possible but it would be a great option to have an option for the previously sent campaigns code generated to create archives to open in a nice popup (shadowbox or similar) rather than just same/new window. Looks much more professional (kind of like lots of stuff on the CM site, eg template previews).

Is there an easy way to achieve this?


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

As far as I know, this wouldn't be possible via an email unfortunately, as custom scripting must be involved, which is likely to be blocked. The only way to achieve this would to host a archive library page on a landing page and then add your customised pop-ups there. - Everything Email.
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go4 go4, 7 years ago

Thanks for that fyredefyre,
I think you misunderstand me though. I'm talking about the Newsletter Archives pages that list previously sent campaigns, (eg rather than something in an email. | WordPress & Campaign Monitor services
Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It isn't possible to automatically configure this I'm afraid. It might be possible to do via javascript (add that property to all the links inside a div), although it isn't something we've actually tried.

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go4 go4, 7 years ago

Thanks Matthew,

Yet to give it a burl but looks like this will do the trick: if anyone else is looking. | WordPress & Campaign Monitor services

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