Secondary Confirmation Page url customization


i'm playing with Secondary Confirmation Page url customization.

I tried to add some extra param like:

* email
* firstname

Using this address:[email]&name=[firstname]

Now I'm interested to add an extra parameter that I ask for the user when he's registering.

Eg. my paramenter name is source, so its personalization tag is [source,fallback=]

I've just tried adding it in this way:[email]&name=[firstname]&source=[source] and also with[email]&name=[firstname]&source=[source,fallback=] but there's no way to get it working.

Any tips on how to get it working?

Stig Stig, 7 years ago

Hi matteo,

I think we've already answered this via email, I'll post the answer here as well:

Custom fields can't be used in confirmation page URLs at the moment, sorry. To grab a value from a custom field, you can pass the email address in the URL using [email], and use the API to fetch the custom field value based on the email address.


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matteo, 7 years ago

tnx 4 support Stig!

CBDSteve, 7 years ago

Hi - shame about the lack of support for custom values.

I have a confirmation page that is updating details in our database, and was attempting to put in some authentication via a custom value being passed that would have to match the one in our database, .e.g

This would prevent the page being a security risk, as mentioned here:

(too easy to spoof the page by just entering an email in the url by hand).


Is there any plan to make this functionality available?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Thanks for your feedback. It's not planned currently but we'll certainly consider it for the future.

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