Better customization options

I would love to see more options for customization:
1) Completely own color schemes based on HEX-color-codes
2) Own background images for the header
3) Option to display the site name of the client in the header to the client as well (as you see it as an admin). Very useful when one client has multiple sites as well.
4) All the customization options client-based, or at least the basic ones (colors).
5) Or perhaps adding the ability for completely own CSS? That way, we could even more "re-brand" it and set us apart from other designers who use CM as well. And as it is build just for designers, there should be no problem with CSS.


davidaf davidaf, 8 years ago

Hi holder10,

These are all great suggestions, I'll definitely add them as feature requests for our devs. Would these features be useful for others? Please let us know!

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j0hn_paul, 8 years ago

Absolutely. I was thinking the same thing.

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