TXT Record too long

Good day,

My hosting provider's DNS software does not support more than 100 chars, is there a "less than 100 chars" solution?

The hosting provider's response: "The *DomainKeys/DKIM record could not be added as it contains more than a 100 characters, The DNS software ***** has limitations which does not allow more than 100 characters."

btw, thanx for the great service CM is providing, good job.


travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago


Unfortunately, there is not. As you mentioned, this is strictly a software limitation and not the DNS system itself. The only options you have are, see if you host can maybe update their software to a newer version that supports DKIM, consider switching DNS hosts or, not use them. Kinda sucks, but there isn't much else  you can do if you want to use them.

Travis Bell
barrycrous, 8 years ago

Funny you should mention it, I'm actually in the process of moving... guess why?!
Fanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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