Dealing with customers with initials or middle names?

Does anyone know how Campaign Monitor parses names?

For example, in "M C Hammer," will [firstname] be simply "M"? What about [lastname]?

Ditto "The Incredible Hulk,"...?

Thanks much!

sullivanandco, 8 years ago

Hmm... found the answer here, sorry:

FWIW, 1: yes, 2: I'm still not sure, 3: see 2.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


[firstname] is the first word so M, [lastname] is the last word, so Hammer and [fullname] would be the full record M C Hammer. With The Incredible Hulk it would be:
[firstname] - The
[lastname] - Hulk
[fullname] - The Incredible Hulk

Hope that helps clarify it!

D. Potter
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