European characters in subscriber lists

Hello all,

I've just imported a few addresses here from our offline lists (with permission!), including Czech, French and German names. These all turn up in Campaign Monitor as question marks, and I have to go in and correct all the missing characters.

i.e. Völker Schönborn turns up as V?lker Sch?nborn.

Is there a workaround I can use when importing? I normally use tab-delimited text created from Excel.

Thanks for any tips, and viele Grüße(!) from Vienna.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Jonathan,

You want to make sure that the file you're importing is encoded as UTF-8. Excel can be bad about that but generally if you open the file in Notepad (or something like it) in the save-as menu you can set the encoding there.

As long as it's UTF-8 the characters should be preserved on import.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jonathan, 8 years ago

Hi Diana,

many thanks (again). Of course, you're absolutely right. Why did I think Excel would make me a nice file ...

Best wishes


Now, if I could stop CM resetting my text-only version every (second) time I make a change, I'd be happy ... (don't worry, I have the files backup up).

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