formatting different blocks of text in a template

Hi, all!

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I want my client's intro to have different formatting from the rest of the newsletter. Here's my code:


<td align="center" valign="top" class="mainbar" align="left">
                <img src="<$imagesrc link='false'$>" width="150" height="203" alt="Inline" align="right" class="inline" vspace="4" hspace="4">
                  <h1><$title link="true" default='Enter headline here.'$></h1>
                 <$description default='<h3>enter your intro text here</h3>'$>

So, the headline renders fine. But the description doesn't. I've tried wrapping the <h3> tags outside the <$description> tags, but still no luck.

Any advice? It wants to be a <p> every time, when I upload the template.


Diana Diana, 8 years ago


The description tag by default is always going to have a p tag wrapping around the text entered. Your best bet would be to put something like a <div> around it and put your styles on that.

D. Potter
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