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Hi everyone

Looking into using Campaign Monitor, but have a quick question on entering articles.

Some of our clients will have their own sites and will just link paragraphs to their own sites which is cool.

Others will just write a few full length articles which again CM can handle.

However, some clients just want to send a monthly newsletter and just put paragraphs in the newsletter and then link those direct to articles that are stored within the newsletter system.

For example, one of our clients has a small site with no news on it and when they write their newsletter with 6 or 7 articles on they just want to put all the information direct into the newsletter system.  But they just want the 6 or 7 short paragraphs to appear in the newsletter and then just be able to link to the full article somewhere in the newsletter.

Does CM support this, so you can choose to link to an external site for more info, or choose to add the full article info and link to that?


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 8 years ago

I suggest you try using anchors on the page to link to the full story further down the page if you wish the full story kept within the newsletter itself.

The downside to using anchors however means your click through rate will lower as anchors aren't considered to be trackable links.

Alternatively, you would need to build a seperate newsletter page with the full version copy (also using anchors to point to the correct article) for purely online viewing only.

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