How can i add a title or header to each campaign?

How can i add a title or header to each campaign, that would show in the email? i can see how to create the repeaters, but how about the email title shown just next to the logo? can't seem to find this anywhere.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


What do you mean by title or header? It's likely something that you'd need to build into your template. If it's something that would be the same in every email you'd just want to add that text/image to your template. If it isn't you can add in a <$title default=''$> tag where you want that text to go so that there is an editable spot where you can add/edit the text with each campaign. You can add in text in the default='' area to have default text that can be edited each time (to have a guide or text that you can leave alone if you wanted). Then just add your CSS styling around that tag to style the text however you want.

D. Potter
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