Update customer information using custom fields

I'm working with a client who manages all their contacts using Outlook. As we have created a nice newsletter template for them we need to export their contacts name and email from Outlook to CM. Once imported it would be nice if we could collect additional information from them.

What is the best way to have the user update their info using custom fields?

As part of the the Subscription Confirmation Email, is it possible to ask the user to fill out additional information? If so, could I create a form that includes the custom fields that can then be imported into their subscribers details?

This would also be useful for creating a segmented lists.

Would I need to work with the CM api to achieve this?

Thanks and I hope this makes sense.

Sherman, 8 years ago

I found the Subscriber Preference Center which answers a few questions.

zenmaster, 8 years ago

Where is the Subscriber Preference Center?

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