Campaign.Send returns error code 301

Hi All,

I'm working with the API to create a .NET web app, all the stages works fine but when Campaign.Send has been invoked it always returned the error code 301:

301: Invalid CampaignID
The Campaign ID value passed in was not valid.

I was using the CampaignID returned from Campaign.Create, and I'm sure the campaign has been created via the API because It can be seen in the Campaign Monitor portal.

Can anyone help?


Ben Ben, 8 years ago

It sounds like the CampaignID isn't getting passed through to the Campaign.Send method correctly. Are you able to post your code or debug through your application to verify that the CampaignID is being sent to the server correctly?

BitGear, 8 years ago

Thanks Ben, you are correct it's my fault, now it's working.

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