Sending to multiple lists with same recipient in multiple lists

We just need to clarify something, so i would appreciate it any one knows the answer to let us know! :)

Hypothetical Scenario
We have 3 lists
- press
- pupils
- registrations

Lets assume a user appears on 2 of the lists

- press:
- pupils:
- registrations

When we send out a campaign and we highlight that we wish to send it to all 3 lists, will the user recive one email or two?

If the user unsubscribes, is he removed from both lists?

Thanks in advance!

salmosri, 8 years ago

Incase someone is looking for the same answer:

Hi Shadi,

Thanks for your email. We automatically check for duplicates across lists when you're sending to multiple lists and we'd ensure that the subscriber only receives one copy. If they unsubscribe they'd be removed from both lists.

Diana Potter

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