previously sound templates suddenly break in the system!?


We have noticed one of our templates has suddenly "broken". I cant work out how this is possible as the code has not been changed since it was uploaded. It has been used lots of time and been up on the clients account for about a year.

Essentially it relates to a section where you can add an image with text next to it. By repeating you add a full row of text (3 lines) and a related image 150px x 150px all in a green box that sits on a white background.

In the past there was a 5 pixel gap between each item. Now there is no gap (its fills with the item box colour) and an non uniform space appears. all very strange. When we check teh code there is no obvious reason for it .

Has anyone else encountered this?
Is there any advice as to what may have happened and how i can avoid it?

Thank you happy mailbuilders

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