Feature suggestion: export billing history as a CSV

I was looking for a way to find out how much I'm spending on each client through the account settings, and the closest thing I could find was my Billing History.

I didn't want to go through all those links (or go through my emails from Campaign Monitor) and tally up each client's expense. I realized I can copy and paste the Billing History table into Excel and calculate the costs with a formula, but I'd have to manually do the C&P from the table, 15 at a time, which isn't great.

So I guess my suggestion is to:
* (easy way) Have the option to export all the data in the Billing History table into one CSV, and I'll use Excel to calculate and tabulate client costs
* (not as easy way) Export as CSV with the cost of each campaign in each field
* (hard way) List the cost-thus-far for each client's settings view.

Though now that I think about it, the (easy way) gets kind of complicated when one pays with credits (which we don't). Anyway, that's my suggestion. Does anyone else have this problem, or are they just better at internal accounting than we are :P?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Thanks for the suggestion Morely. I agree that we could make it a little easier to analyse your billing history. Anyone else have the need for this?

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