Spam Filter test - 1 warning, but no explanation


I have searched the forum to see if this has come up before but can't find any info on it.

I have run a spam filter test and I get:

Outlook 2007Filter set as default - Failed


Spam Assassin 3.1Filter set as default  (1 warning) - Passed with a score of 2.2

Neither of which give me any further details even though I can click on the "(1 warning)" and a grey row appears but it is devoid of text.

The instructions for the results page state:

"If you fail any of the filters, check out the reasons why you failed and make the required changes."


J-P, 7 years ago

I also get this same report when I checked my campaign. Any information why Outlook 2007 doesn't pass the check? There was no more detailed info about the fail.

Well, got it working now.

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