Custom domain (cname sub domain etc)


So i've just joined up and thought I would rather use a custom domain so I followed the link below but I can't get it to work. I'm also confused how it's meant to work.

EXAMPLE – I have registered and set-up the following: – a similar website to CM advertising a mailing program

Within the above site there's a link to either register or log-in to an account at the following URL:

Surely if I follow your guide, everything under the route URL ( will be pointed at your servers when in fact it's only a sub domain that needs to?

I have followed the tutorial below and it doesn't seem to work, should I be creating a sub domain first then adding a cname to that? I don't want everything under the root URL pointing to your server as I will loose the rest of my site, it's only the log-in part of my site that needs to point at your servers.

Any help would be appreciated.



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

If you follow the guide, you'll have setup your CNAME for, so only traffic to that URL gets sent to Campaign Monitor, not traffic to

Everyone going to www. will get your website, when they hit email. they'll get your Campaign Monitor account.

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