Text based emails...

Hi All,

I am currently having a problem with the text based emails. I code raw html into the space available but when I view this using the preview option all I see is html code such as <h1>header</h1> and <a href="#">link</a>?

Surley I should see the formated header and link when previewing the code.

Can anyone advise.

Many thanks

Ian Leggett

xtom, 9 years ago

Text based emails don't support html tags. Sounds like you want to create a html email and not a text based email.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Yes, xtom is right - the plain text entry box is where you can put the alternative for the HTML version. To get your HTML page into Campaign Monitor you just need to import it as a file or from a URL.

Then, we combine the full HTML page, and the plain text equivalent into one multipart email, and send it off for you.

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