Suggestions: RSVP and Scheduling

The company I send out e-mail campaigns for uses them mostly for events.  It would be helpful if Campaign Monitor had some kind of RSVP capabilities as well as a scheduling system that would send out e-mails on date designated the in following format:

First Friday
Second Tuesday
Third Thursday

Still a great product,

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Thanks for the suggestions. For simple RSVPs, check out

Get in touch with us on Twitter:
We're also on Facebook:
tfiggs, 8 years ago

Thanks Matt.  I recently found and implemented the link you suggested.  It works great accept for some huge loop holes. 

- It allows you to click both links so if someone makes a mistake or changes their mind later you can't tell
- I have to organize some kind of form so that people can add guests

Something with eVite capabilities would help though I do appreciate you guys making an alternative solutions available.

Just as an FYI for people who don't know.  Here is the server side PHP I used to get you started.


    echo "We look forward to seeing you there! Thank you for letting us know.";
    echo "We hope you can attend a lunch and learn in the future.  Thank you for letting us know.";


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