How do you exclude links from being tracked?

I saw this in either a help document, a blog post, or in the Help section, but I can't for the life of me find the article now.

I could have sworn that there was a proprietary Campaign Monitor-only attribute that flagged links to not be replaced. So for example, if you have this:

<a href="">Click here!</a>

Instead of having it rewritten when uploaded...

<a href="">Click here!</a>

You could add this mystery attribute:

<a href="" $dontyoudarerewritethisbadboy$>Click here!</a>

Which would cause the link, when uploaded, to not be rewritten.

Anyone know where this is?

morley, 8 years ago

A ha! Found it. It was in the app-side help:

Turning off link tracking
<a href="" cm_dontconvertlink>this is a link</a>

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