Issue sending first email campaign

I recently created a campaign, uploaded a subscriber list(500+), added 5 subscribers manually(external emails), added another 2 subscribers manually(internal emails for testing), and sent the email.

Or so I thought.

Potential issue #1:
I am a new customer. However the Pending Approval process promises 12hrs although I'm creeping toward 24hrs. And being that it's early morning Saturday in Australia I'm nervous.

Q: Will I have to wait until Monday?(approx 5 days total)
Q: When should I give up and send via Outlook due to timeliness?

Potential issue #2:
My campaign report lists only 2 emails in the "Sent to" column -- the 2 internal emails that were manually input for internal testing. These were received by the testers(myself and a colleague). (clarification: this was not a test email, but a live email with our emails appended to the list)

Q: Is there a way to review subscribers to a campaign?
The report data states "Sent to: 2 recipients that were manually entered". But I'm expecting 500+!?

Q: Could I have accidentally deleted the other 500+ emails?
I only thought I was adding names & emails addresses, not deleting. Looking for method to confirm that the original 500 are/were included.

Any feedback appreciated

jdancisin, 9 years ago

You may want to contact support directly, rather than going through this forum...

Lee, 9 years ago

jdancisin, thanks — I did before posting here. Hoping someone else might have an answer.

jdancisin, 9 years ago

If I remember correctly, the first time I sent a campaign it took around 24-36 hours before I was approved. After the first time, you don't have have to go through that anymore. Unless you have a really big list (I think).

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Hi Lee,

We have responded via support, but just to clarify, you can read our help page: about the approval process.

We do respond to approval requests within 12 hours - in this case no request has actually come through yet, and we're working through that via support.

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