Template Designer Needed

A client of our is looking for 10-20 templates and I do not have a designer who is experienced doing this.  Is there someone out there who does this and freelance this service for us?

quimera, 8 years ago

we would like to see if we could work together. We are a Miami based agency and have lots of experience with email templates and campaign monitor.. Here is a quick example of a newsletter we work on:


you can contact us at dturton at quimeracreative.com

predicaments, 8 years ago

We'd be happy to help - we live and breathe email marketing.

Check us at www.predicaments.com or as an example of one of our corporate designs:


Drop me an email perosnally justin@predicaments.com and I'm sure we can sort this for you or your client.


imageshoppe, 8 years ago

We also can help you out with template design.  We can do very simple layouts to very complex.  Please let us know, we'd love a chance to talk to you.



The Image Shoppe / Emailrpm

luciddesign, 8 years ago

Hi there,

We'd love to have the opportunity to work with you on this. Take a look at our website — www.luciddesign.co.nz — and, if you're interested to know more about what we can do, send an email to info@luciddesign.co.nz with more details of your brief.

Kind regards,

Creative Director, Lucid Design

mcgoverny, 8 years ago

@ckaminer, I would like to be considered for this role, I have produced multiple templates for about 15 clients.
One of which was featured in the Camaign Monitor Gallery recently.

terabyte {at}  gmail {dot} com

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