images not found

I've imported a new email campaign, but when previewing the campaign, there is a problem with the images not showing:

"The following images were not found in the included zip. You may want to include these files in the zip and reimport.

50% SALE on Training_files/editdata.mso "

The images are all in a zipped file - what am I doing wrong?

Can anyone explain please in REALLY simple terms. Thanks.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago

Hi Starch34,

Did you create this in MS Word? Unfortunately, Word has a bad habit of creating some very invalid code and along with it some tags that look like images but aren't, so it'll throw off our image checking. If you look in the preview and you see your images then you can just ignore the error.

We would suggest though using an editor truly meant for creating HTML. Something like Dreamweaver or NVU (which is free).

D. Potter
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