Editing titles and <p> tags being added

I'm using one of the default templates provided for a client.... They want to be able to edit one of the titles on the side column, in this case 'Also this Month'.

I've updated the code to...

<h3 class="buttons"><$description default='How to Find Us'$></h3>

But when you edit it, <p> tags are added and it loses its h3 style. Is there a way round this, what am I doing wrong!?!?

(I know you can view source and remove the <p> tags but its not overly client friendly....)


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


You'd want to use <$title tags instead, for a title - they won't get the paragraph tags. Descriptions on the other hand will have one or more paragraphs inside them.

You can also have CSS to style paragraphs inside descriptions appropriately for your needs (remove margins etc).

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circlesquare, 8 years ago

Thank you!!!

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