Reporting by subscriber

Am I missing something, or is a very fundamental feature missing from the reporting and API?

Here's the use case: Client sends a large number of campaigns to a list, and they want to know their most loyal readers.

All the reports are by campaign, but I want to know who reads it across all campaigns.

I can click on an individual subscriber and get their totals, but I want a report which I can sort by total reads and/or clicks.

The only option I currently see is to use the API to create a replica of the CM database by campaign, then do my own SQL query to sum the results. But this is so easy to do once I have the data, and such a pain to create the replica and keep it updated, thst I'm wondering why such a basic need seems to have been left out of the CM reporting tool.

Again, am I missing something?


Dave Dave, 8 years ago


While we don't have an explicit report dedicated to this kind of reporting, our segmentation tool might be of interest to you. That lets you easily create a sub-set of your complete list based in criteria you set. One of the criteria is based on opens or clicks, so you can easily get a few of those subscribers that opened every campaign you sent so far, and then export them or send them a targeted campaign.

Hope that helps.

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