Watching my clients

Hi CM.

I've recently sent two campaigns using you  service, to two different clients, and I'm trying to watch how the response to them are, but you have an annoying behavior while watching the E-mail Mkt Reports:

I had open Client A reports on a tab and Client B reports on another, but when I press F5 to refresh Client A, it displays the info from Client B, if think this happens because you cooked me with the info of what Client I'm watching, but couldn't you do this in a way I can see both?

Also, Since all the campaigns were sent from ME to my clients, can I have something like a Global Report, where I can see all the campaign all I delivered to all my clients ?


Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


Campaign Monitor is not really setup for using in multiple tabs at once like that - better to just look at one report, then look at the next report.

You do have the activity feed on your main page, which shows you what has been sent from your account and links you to the reports.

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