Is Campaign Monitor for Me?

I'm new to Campaign Monitor and have been playing around with the API for a few hours. I'm currently working on a project which could greatly benefit from CM's features although I'm not entirely sure if my intended use is what CM is designed for - 

The project requires 3 types of emails to be sent and tracked:

- Welcome Email to new users (at time of online registration)
     - ASP/.Net API would be used to add each user to a subscriber list
     - Sent to new user only (not the entire subscriber list)
- General News/Updates Email
     - Sent to all members in the subscribers list
- Account Info/Update Email
     - Sent when user changes account information (ie. username) or when user requests account info (ie. forgotten password)
     - Sent to indiviual only (not the entire subscriber list)

I can definitely see CM being used for the sending and tracking of General News/Updates Emails. However, I'm not sure how to setup/send/track the Welcome Email or Account Info/Update Email inside CM? Is this possible within CM?

Thanks for your time!

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

Hey Greg,

Campaign Monitor has a welcome email feature built in - you can automatically send a specific email to each new subscriber. You set that up under 'customize subscribe process' for each list.

However, it's not the best tool for transactional / account info emails, since it is setup more for actual campaigns with reports on the whole list, rather than individual emails.

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gregtayl, 8 years ago

Hi Mathew,

Thank you for the quick response - exactly what I was looking for.


vince, 8 years ago

Hi Matthew,
Do you not already have the feature to enable us to send service updates and account management emails on your dev plan?

Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago


It's not something we are currently planning - it doesn't fit in our model of campaign pricing, and so it would not make sense right now.

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vince, 8 years ago

@ Matthew,
Sure, I understand why it wouldn't fit the pricing model at all - it's more of a client administration feature.

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