Line breaks in titles?

I've set up a template with a repeater. In the repeater is a title. In the editor I am given a single-line text box to enter the title in. Is there any way to force line breaks in a title?

travisbell travisbell, 8 years ago


Unfortunately, there is no way to force a line break. The HTML client should auto break at the closest word though,   is there a different behavior you're looking for?

Travis Bell
talknmime talknmime, 8 years ago

The auto break works fine but sometimes leaves one word on a second line by itself. If I could force a break then I could avoid having a widow.

Diana Diana, 8 years ago


You could always add in a <br /> tag to the title to force it to break where you wanted.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
lizzie01, 8 years ago

I am having problems with line breaks before and almost gave up when I read that it is not possible. Adding in a <br /> tag did it actually! Good thing I am visiting this thread for updates.

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