time estimates for creating a new template for a client

Does anyone have a suggestions about giving time estimates for creating a new template for a client?

Then the follow on to that is then a time estimate for creating, testing and then sending out the client email?

I am looking a way to give enough detail around the estimate so that they understand just what can be submitted for the price quoted. 

Note: I am trying to estimate based on 3 similar emails and 9 similar emails sent out over the course of the year.



Mathew Mathew, 8 years ago

The best person to know how long it would take you is....you! Maybe you could take one of our templates as a base, and build yourself a design to see how long it takes.

Add in the time for going back and forth with your client (double at least, I'd imagine) and you'll have a rough idea. If you are building them a template, they can reuse it many times, so you could charge more up front.

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LindaFromGordon, 8 years ago

Mathew thanks for your reply.  What do you think of identifying the element types, number of each and sizes if applicable?  A designer suggested this as a possibility of setting some boundaries for a price.

Thoughts and application?

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