Custom Tags? Giving an email a 'Dear ___' based on list

I have poked around very briefly but am kinda in a time crunch so I am sure someone may blast me for not looking harder... but
I have been asked to give my emails for the company a more personal feel by including the name of the recipient in the body of the email. I am sure there is a custom tag like <recipient>their name or email </recipient>

I have found where you can show source based on the list they sign up on, but we have our own signup pages that populate our DB and I transfer over new signups from that list to one of our campaign lists. And a lot of these we have emailed over the past couple of years. So they are not using a Campaign Monitor Signin form to populate my list.

If I have a email and a name, how do I use that from the list I create per campaign to pull into the body of the email?

thnks for your help. I am a very new user of this software, but I think its great!

get2runin, 8 years ago

After all that, I went back and guess what... I found this.

So I think these will help me... patience is what I need. ha ha

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