hotmail margins overriding mine

i'm having trouble getting hotmail to recognize my margins on the P tags. I've included "margin:0" in the inline style but when i go to hotmail i notice that my margin tag isnt in the inline style anymore. also there is a default style from hotmail in hig.css that has "margin: 0 0 1.35em" on the P tag. i need to override that style to 0 but it wont let me. any ideas?

unnu, 8 years ago

Don't use <p> tags! Just go old school with font tags and <br /> for line breaks. I know it is not what you probably want to hear but it's the way that works. Not all email clients support the margin property and hotmail is one of them!

imagepath, 8 years ago

yeah that's what i ended up doing. i just figured there was a way around it.

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