images not appearing in template

Hi there,
I read everything I could find on the site about why my images are not appearing in my template, and I followed it exactly, and they are still not appearing. I have deleted and reuploaded my template 5 times now with no change. The images are all unzipped in a folder called "images" and then I zipped the whole thing and uploaded it. All the image paths in the html say "images/spacer.gif" or whatever the name of the image is. The zipped file folder also contains screen.css.
Why aren't they showing up? Any help greatly appreciated.

Karen Rainsong, 8 years ago

Actually, I think I just figured it out! I had a folder called images inside the zipped folder called images, and I needed to get rid of the internal folder called images and just have them hanging out in there by themselves. Too many layers of complexity! Sorry! I sometimes make things harder for myself than I need to.

Karen Rainsong

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